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About Us

Hello Friends, welcome to our website ALL PC GEEK, founded on 25 February 2023 by Mustapha Aliyu.

It is assumed that you are interested in learning more about ALL PC GEEK since you have operated the mouse to read this page. 

The website Allpcgeek contains information on computer science, computer engineering, and related topics. You might be curious in the people who put in such hard work to make this website successful. Now let's get started and hear the origin story of AllpcGeek.

ALL PC GEEK is a free professional Tech, Blog &websites, Education platform where we provide Related computer topics, how to, troubleshooting, etc. with a focus on dependability and daily. It is a fundamental requirement of our daily lives. However, there are thousands of websites for Related computer topics, how to, troubleshooting, etc. The content here is both useful and comprehensive. content. We hope you enjoy our Related computer topics, how to, troubleshooting, as much as we enjoy offering them to you.

Who we are? 

Hi, I’m Mustapha Aliyu,  Co-Founder of Some people call me a geek because they understand I know little bit about  Computer Science, computer engineering and so on.

I’ve worked with so many large projects and spent years doing web development, web design, and seo adviser.

Apart from me, I got an advice from my friends  and a few people who are highly inspired me to do this job.

Why Allpcgeek?

I started this website with only one objective, i.e., to bring information in its most simplistic form.  Next, I’m tutor about help people and which led me to start this website in 2023. Also, I’ve always been the one who likes to help  friends, and other people to get things done. And there couldn’t be a better platform than a technology blog where I can reach millions of people and assist them with high-quality information, testing, and tutorials.

If you have any question or query regarding our website, please contact us by visiting our Contact Us page or mailling us at .